Clinton Sabotaging Clinton

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Bill Clinton is famously jealous, selfish, petulant, and subversive. He and Hillary haven’t really lived as husband and wife in over a decade. Bill’s eight years in the White House left a void where most presidents leave a legacy. He’s best known as the president who turned the evening news rating from TV13 to TV-MA.

In recent weeks, he’s angered Democrats and liberals by claiming, in so many words, that only black people are stupid enough to vote for Obama. He’s also gone out of his way to draw attention–negative attention–to himself.

Others speculate that Bill’s actions are typical Clinton Inc. They are a package, and Bill would be as much the president as would Hillary. I bought into this for a time, but now I think Bill might be sabotaging Hillary’s campaign.

I don’t believe for an instant that the couple has much affection, one for the other. I also believe that divorce at this point would damage Hillary. Public separation and Bill’s absence from the campaign, would, however, boost Hillary’s chances. For all of his fund raising prowess, Bill Clinton was never a serious man–he was a national distraction, like “American Idol” or Britney Spears.

So why is he out campaigning in a way that any idiot knows will hurt his wife’s chances? Why does he keep reminding America that it twice elected a man whose emotional age remains about 12.

Because Bill wants Hillary to lose.

Nothing personal against Hillary, mind you. This is about Bill being the The President. Hillary’s nomination would put her on par with Bill. In Bill Clinton’s mind, it would be the ultimate payback for Monica and the dozens of the other women he violated and violated Hillary with. He won’t let that happen.

Had he come out and denounced Hillary as a candidate, his motives would have been obvious. People would have rallied to Hillary, and even Bill’s greatest admirers would have seen him for the fraud he is. Bill’s too smart for that.

He could have taken a back seat saying it’s improper for a former president to take sides in a party primary. People would have bought that, and it would have been seen as a repudiation of Hillary. It would have hurt her chances without degrading his reputation. But playing Switzerland would have stripped Bill of his influence. He could not have claimed–even in his own mind–that he manipulated the outcome of the election.

Instead, Bill took on the part of Hillary’s number one fan. As her fan, husband, and supporter, he split the party into racially defined halves. He’s returned his party to the 1950s, lining up his Southern white Democrats against the ‘uppity coloreds’ supporting Obama. He miraculously turned a party unified in its hatred of George W. Bush into a party on the edge of race riot.

No one can claim, now, that Bill Clinton didn’t have a major influence on the 2008 Democrat nomination. His mark is indelible, bigoted, brutal, and ugly. Bill Clinton is sin incarnate.