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Polls Gone Wild

The most recent three polls from South Carolina demonstrate one thing clearly:  you can’t believe polls.

Here’s the latest from RealClearPolitics

The spreads and the leaders are so out of whack, so changing, that no one can draw any intelligent conclusions.

**RCP Average****01/14 to 01/18****27.1****25.3****14.7****14.6****4.4****3.3****McCain +1.8**
[American Res. Group](https://americanresearchgroup.com/)01/17 - 01/18263321923Huckabee +7.0
[InsiderAdvantage](https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/docs/InsiderAdvantage_MajorityOpininoSCGOPJAN18IVRpoll.htm)01/17 - 01/172626131355Tie
[FOX News](https://www.foxnews.com/projects/pdf/SC_GOP_JAN18_web.pdf)01/16 - 01/172720111543McCain +7.0

While McCain’s number is static at about 26, Huckabee’s numbers fluctuate wildly.  Romney and Paul are steadily falling, while our hero Thompson rises steadily.

Let’s hope more Huckabee supporters break for Fred in the next 24 hours.   With McCain’s steady numbers, Fred might not be able to win, but he could overtake the Huckster for second.  While second might keep Thompson’s hopes alive, third or worse will almost certainly end his campaign.

 All I can say at this point is, you Palmetto Fred Heads better vote early and often tomorrow.  Your country needs you.


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