Fred Is On The Loose

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Much great news to report on the Fred Thompson front:

  * [Crowds ]( so large at two[ campaign stops]( in South Carolina that the fire department shut them down.  The Fredheads overwhelmed the[ buildings' occupancy limit (Captain's Quarters) ](
  * Fred's goal of raising $540,000 on the internet by Friday has been blown away.  He's raised over $875K as of the this morning.
  * Human Events magazine endorsed Fred on Friday.  The editors have been swamped with e-mail accolades congratulating the editors on their good judgment.
  * The drive-bys have begun noticing Fred.  Even the [New York Times]( has written on the Fred Surge.

On that last point, the media and moderates in the GOP have begun chanting the “too little, too late mantra.” Horsehockey. We’ve had decisions from Iowa, Wyoming, and New Hampshire so far. Thats 3/50 of the country, for those of you from Rio Linda (as Rush would say).

Back to the good news. Here’s a telling section of the New York Times article:

John and Ann Berenberk dutifully watched the umpteenth Republican presidential debate on television on Thursday night and had an epiphany. It was about the candidate they had previously referred to as the tall, silent one. Fred D. Thompson.

The last of the candidates to enter the race, Mr. Thompson, 65, a former Tennessee senator, has so far seemed to distinguish himself mainly by a laconic style that has made him almost invisible beside the others on the stage in past debates, the Berenberks said.

β€œBut then last night β€” we hadn’t even been thinking about him β€” all of a sudden it was clear he was the one,” said Mr. Berenberk, a retired teacher. β€œThe bluntness, the forcefulness. He was really impressive.”

Giuliani’s campaign is working without pay. Romney has been forced to pull advertising in South Carolina. Huckabee’s credibility is nose diving. All of those voters have to go somewhere, and, except for the Giuliani people, expect them to land in Fred’s camp.

John Stephenson on RightWingNews has a fine summary of the problems many conservatives have with John McCain.