**UPDATED 1/12** Help Find Missing Marine

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UPDATE 1/12/08*

This story is now both depressing and disgusting and disturbing.  According to FoxNews, Laurean, the Marine accused of raping Maria Lauterbach, violently killed her and burned her body in his back yard.  He crafted a noted claiming Laurean had slit her own throat–a scenario quickly dismissed by crime scene investigators.

 You’ll have to read the rest here.  I’m too disgusted to keep writing.

  UPDATE 1/11/08*

Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach is dead and the Corporal she accused of raping her is wanted in connection with her death.  To the left is a photo of the man police and the U. S. Marines seek: Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean, 21, of Nevada.  He is UA from the Marines and is driving a black quad cab 2004 Dodge pickup with North Carolina tags.

Last night, I blogged comments by the victim’s mother that portrayed Lauterbach as a compulsive liar.  Other reports claim her mother told investigators that Lauderbach was bipolar.  I apologize for repeating that information, but, at the time, I hoped it provide more information on the missing woman who was full-term pregnant.  I am sure her mother feels terrible that the information she shared with police was released.


It appears that Cpl. Lauterbach could be a very troubled young lady who needs some help.  CNN now reports that the Marine’s mother told police that Maria is a “compulsive liar.”  Apparently, the young woman charged a superior with sexual assault but withdrew charges later.  She may be facing charges, herself, for swearing a false accusation.

George Vreeland Hill’s un-American and lunatic conspiracy theories notwithstanding, Jacksonville police expect “positive outcome.”  They are pleading with the young woman to call them or her mother.



Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach

This fine Marine has been missing since December 14, and authorities near Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, want the public’s help finding her. (source CNN.com)

Lance Cpl.

Maria Lauterbach is 8 months pregnant and could give birth anytime. Here are some details from CNN:

The Marine’s car was found Monday at Jacksonville’s bus station, Brown told the Daily News, and her cell phone had been found at Camp Lejeune’s front gate on December 20.

Her mother reported her missing on December 19, and told the sheriff’s department “that she was very suspicious that something bad may have happened to her daughter,” the department said in a news release.

Watch Lauterbach’s mom say what raised her concerns »

Investigators told the Marine Corps Times that a withdrawal from Lauterbach’s bank account was made on December 14 and said there was “suspicious activity” on the account 10 days later. December 14 was also the last time Lauterbach’s cell phone was used, authorities told the Marine Corps Times.

This young lady signed up to protect us. Let’s bring her and her baby home safely.

Lauterbach in uniform

Here’s another photo of Cpl. Lauterbach in uniform and additional news from WRAL in North Carolina.

Also, a Facebook page is dedicated to finding the young Marine.