Michelle Malkin Declares Fred Thompson “Clear” Winner

I could not watch the South Carolin GOP debate tonight, but I am ecstatic. Ron Paul made an ass of himself, but Michelle Malkin who, like me, seems to fret over Fred’s performances sometimes, has no doubt Fred won.

From the clip I blogged below, I have to give points to Romney for slamming Ron Paul. As a war hero, John McCain had every right to across the stage and belt that phony, lying, racist scum. But I’m glad he didn’t–that would have sealed McCain’s nomination and election.


WHOA! I just watched the clips of the debate on Whoa! and again, whoa! Our man was on fire tonight, and he flew past his $540,000 goal.

Congratulations, Fred.

Author: William Hennessy

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  1. There appears to be a liberal media effort to downplay Thompsons performance throughout all of the debates. Thompson is profound, professional and presidential. Let’s start making more noise on his behalf.

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