The Battle of Fort Sumter

The Union Army held onto Fort Sumter for only day, but Fred Thompson hopes to gain and hold South Carolina from now to the convention.

Unlike other candidates who dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge better than Patches O’Houlihan when asked how far they’ll take their campaigns, Fred Thompson put it on the line tonight with his usual bold honesty:

“This is where we make our stand – this is where I have chosen to make my stand,” Thompson told a crowd at a barbecue restaurant. He later told reporters he needs to do well in South Carolina, which votes Jan. 19. [source]

Thompson can win South Carolina, and he can win it going away.  With Romney’s chances fading quickly after successive losses in Iowa and New Hampshire, this is the time for the Thompson Surge.

Climb into the red truck and drive to victory with Fred!

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Author: William Hennessy

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  4. The South is Fred’s battleground. This is where he had determined, early on, to make his stand. Southerners know a true son of the South and that the other candidates are a bunch of abortionist, open borders, amnesty loving, tax happy pansy carpetbaggers.

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