New Hampshire Debate II: Affirmations

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After tonight’s 90 minutes with the Republicans, I can say without any fear of error whatsoever that Fred Dalton Thompson is the most qualified person in either party to run the United States of America. Here’s why:

  * Thompson understands the philosophical foundations on which this country was born and became the greatest nation on earth
  * Thompson's sense of humor is sharp, ready, and appropriate
  * Thompson's legal training and experience shines when it comes to framing the issue, such as "why not Barack Obama?"
  * Thompson's regard for free enterprise is absolutely necessary to recovering from the next recession (and Democrats are doing everything in their power--including short trades--to cause one)
  * Thompson's respect for the 10th Amendment demonstates he's the only candidate who gives two licks about the Constitution
  * America likes the way he talks.

Folks, Thompson may not win the the Republican nomination, but, if he doesn’t, a Democrat will win the White House. The GOP has shown a pronounced ability to pick the best primary campaigner at the expense of picking the most viable national candidate. Was Gerald Ford really the best bet to face Carter in 1976? Was George H. W. Bush better to face Dukakis, then Clinton? (Think Kemp.) Was Bob Dole the best candidate to unseat Clinton in 1996? (Think Buchanan.)

If Obama wins, we’ll live through the late 1970s all over again. He’s Jimmy Carter in Chicago clothing. He’ll give away half the globe–to Islamic terrorists instead of communists–and we’ll have to take it back beginning five years from now.

Don’t let that happen. Let’s nominate a guy who can go idea for idea with Obama and win. That’s Fred Thompson.

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