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Today is the Wyoming Republican caucus.  Unfortunately, I know no one from Wyoming, though I do have a few business acquaintances from Montana.   My cousin Bob lived in Wyoming for a few years after college, from whence he hitch-hiked to St. Louis for the annual Hennessy St. Patrick’s Day party at Uncle Jim’s. 

Since I have no one to appeal to directly, I hope some Wyomingites stumple upon my humble blog and decide to wander to their county convention and cast a vote for conservatism in the person of Fred Thompson.

Michelle Malkin posts some interesting facts and projections about the Wyoming event.  She points to Jim Geraghty’s prediciton of 2 delegates for Thompson.  Perhaps the good folks to my west will upset that prediction with 3 or 4 for Fred.  Maybe then the MSM and FoxNews will prove me right by giving Fred some publicity for his surge in Iowa.

Sean Hackbarth, posting on Fred08.com, provides some logistics for any Fredheads who’d like help in Wyoming today. 

Also, the Red Truck is back on Fred’s homepage.  The post-Christmas Blog Burst for Iowa helped drive the surge there.  Half a million for South Carolina will turn Fred’s 3rd place finish into a Win for the one viable, solid, Reagan conservative in the GOP field.    You can donate here, and tell your friends.  Anyone who supports Fred but hasn’t coughed up some cash, please do so now.  South Carolina could be the make-or-break state for Fred.

Finally, Newsbusters has more on Politico’s all-out warfare against Fred Thompson.  Give Bill Hobbs high marks for using the right word to describe Politico “reporters”:

Politico reporter Roger Simon recently **lied **in The Politico about an incident at an Iowa fire hall involving Sen. Thompson and a fire helmet - an “error” that The Politico has never corrected even though video of the event clearly exposed the error.

That’s right.  Politico is a pack of liars.  They should work for MSNBC

Another way to help is to make phone calls for Fred.  On Fred08.com, you can call South Carolina, Florida, or New Hampshire Republicans to remind them to vote for Fred.  It’s easy and a great chance to help conservatism.  I just spent an hour with people in South Carolina.