What Endorsement?

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Control Congress carried a rumor, today, that appears to have no legs.

I was watching the Morning Joe and they claim the rumor is out that if Thompson does badly in Iowa he may pull out and endorse McCain.

Whether or not McCain or Thompson might, at campaign’s end, recommend their supporters to one or the other remains a possibility.  But I seriously doubt this rumor came from inside Thompson’s campaign.

First, Fred Thompson is still aggressively raising cash.

Second, Fred is surging in Iowa.  He could peak at exactly the right time to build momentum for upcoming states.

Third, this story does not have legs.  I have found no other references except for Control Congress.

Finally, sources I trust who are close to the campaign  say they’ve heard nothing of this rumor, nor of potential endorsement talk.

More likely, this rumor came form McCain hopefuls trying to leverage the Arizona Senator’s numbers in New Hampshire.

If all goes well, Fred’s next endorsement will go to his running mate.