Month: January 2008


Depression Just One Symptom of Liberalism

Democrats are more likely to be depressed than Republicans, while independents (also know as “stupid people“) fall somewhere in between. In a recent WSJ-MSNBC poll, Democrats displayed pathological levels of depression: Among Republicans, 52% now expect a recession; 76% of self-identified Democrats do. Independents — the swing voters who could tip the election — are …


Get Ahead Fast

If you’re struggling to keep up with all your work, your errands, getting a St. Valentine’s Day gift, and the other things that crowd our minds, you need to check out a powerful combination of new tools: is the best task and project manager on the planet.  Based on my personal productivity guru David Allen’s Getting …


Pride and Petulance

After Democrat leaders, Barack Obama, and Newsweek pointed out that former President Bill Clinton’s behavior has been un-Presidential, self-serving, and full of lies, Bill Clinton became more prideful and more petulant than ever. I am amazed at the depths of Bill Clinton’s abhorrent behavior, but I’m equally amazed at Democrats’ shock that their former hero …


Scarlett Johannsen: Forgivable–and then some

I understand that Scarlett Johansen’s remarkable, incredible, indescribable attractiveness came with a  heavy dose of anti-Hennessy knee-jerkism.  I forgive her.For one thing, she’s desirable like a mattress after a 72 hour day.For another, she spent a long day with our heroes in the Middle East.  Blackfive has the video.  (Get your rewind finger ready.)