Why Liberals are Traitors

Liberalism is cultural treason.

Past US wars have spawned heroes.  Generations honored them.  I came of age in the 1980s, but I was well aware of men like Audey Murphy, Ted Knight, Doolittle, Patton, the men of Iwo Jima, the Baton Death March.  These great men shaped our understanding of what it means to be a man.

Liberalism, though, has robbed my sons of such heroes.  At least, it’s made their task of learning about these heroes much more difficult.  In 1945, the  names of great warriors sat on the lips of every American.  Today, only their families, friends, and conservative bloggers know.

The name Margo Martinez should be as familiar as Brittney Spears.  Gateway Pundit has a terrific story about Cpl. Martinez, USMC, his book, and his heroics.  I ordered his book, Hard Corps: From Gangster to Marine Hero, today, for myself and my kids.

But American liberals have no time for heroes, only for scoundrels.  Search Marco Martinez on MSNBC, CNN,,, even, and you get nothing about the Marine.  Liberals celebrate only two kinds of soldier:  treasonous and dead.  Martinez is neither.

Martinez is only one example of great Americans fighting valiently in Iraq and Afghanistan who are, at best, shunned by liberals.  More often, they’re ridiculed and reviled.

The long-term implications of liberalism’s anti-Americanism frightens.  As more generations separate our children from World War II–the last war with celebrated heroes–our heroic ideal will become further disordered.  Movie stars and singers, athletes and criminals earn more admiration with each passing year.  And if that trend doesn’t happen, the media will stop running polls on the subject.

For example, name the only major media outlet that carried this year’s Gallup poll of Most Admired Person?  Associated Press? No.  Reuter’s?  No.  CNN?  No.  Try  (And, of course, conservative blogs.)  Why did the other media not mention the poll?  Because the most admired person in America is none other than our commander-in-chief, George W. Bush.  (A few news services reported that Hillary Clinton was the most admired woman.  She was light years behind Bush, though, in the polling.)

If the liberals have their way, 20 years from now our most admired list will include rapists, drug dealers, and pregnant 16-year-old child TV stars.  No society can survive such hideous cultural treason.


Blackfive’s story about a liberal vandalizing a Marine’s automobile demonstrates the mentality and maturity of the folks on the left.  The liberal in question, by the way, is a Chicago lawyer.  Perhaps the Illinois Supreme Court should screen its bar-applicants a bit more carefully.


Exhibit A from Wake Up America.

What did I tell ya?  (Michelle Malkin)

Author: William Hennessy

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