Jay Grodner’s Voter Fraud Discipline


Here’s the ISC document in PDF:Illinois Supreme Court Document

According to the Illinois Supreme Court web site, Jay R. Grodner, the scumbag who keyed a deploying Marine’s car, committed vote fraud resulting in the suspension of his law license in 1984:

Here’s highlights from the Supreme Court’s findings:

The Administrator charged Petersen with forging voter signatures and with actively recruiting Grodner, Presbrey, Weir, and Truemper to assist in this effort. The latter four respondents were so charged. Throughout the briefs and the record the respondents have referred to their acts of forgery as “roundtabling.” They explain that this term connotes a group of people gathered at a table who circulate petitions to one another. Each person signs a name obtained from a phone book or voter registration list and then passes the petition on to the person sitting next to him, who does the same.

The hearing panel found that all respondents knowingly engaged in fraudulent activities contrary to justice, honesty and good morals and that the legal profession [99 ILL2D 246] was disparaged as a result . . .  The Review Board concluded that the respondents’ forgeries on the petitions undermined our democratic system of government and that their fraudulent activity brought the legal profession into disrepute. That board recommended . . . six-month suspensions for respondents. . . .

Perhaps Grodner’s latest work will cost him his license for good.  This web site seeks victims of Grodner’s abuses as a lawyer (former clients).


The Illinois Supreme Court appears to have hidden the disciplinary document cited and linked above.   It could just be a server problem caused by volume, but it’s suspicious.  Lawyers tend to cheat together, as shown above.  The link now says, “  The search encountered an error. An email has been send to the system administrator. We will be reviewing this error soon. Thank you for your patience! My mistake.  Here’s how to get to the actual document:

  1. Navigate to this web page:
  2. Enter Grodner’s info:  (Grodner, Jay,Chicago, IL, USA)
  3. Click Submit
  4. Click on Jay Grodner
  5. Under Public Record of Discipline and Pending Decisions, click R&D link
  6. click Jay Grodner
  7. Document opens

Author: William Hennessy

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  1. very well decision. you really have to be sure in every step you made, especially in giving your personal informations to others. this may led to identity fraud, where, they will take your identity and pretend that they are you. we must be aware.

  2. I first thought of this as satire, but the more I think about it, this insane idea may work, considering just how FUCKED the legal system has become because of ass cracks like Grodner. Here’s my brilliant idea.

    All over the blogeshere there have been perhaps thousands of man hours used in the pursuit of the story of Grodner and his famous key. It stands to reason that Grodner is a Union Man, or at least a Union supporter and following that logic, Grodner must want those who do a lot of work compensated for that work. Considering all the time and money that have gone into looking up Grodners address, his phone number, his sex postings, and other stuff (someone even attended Grodner’ trial, which had to be expensive) it’s reasonable to expect PAYMENT for this service. SO, bloggers who have written about this SHOULD BE PAID. Lawyers make a minimum of one hundred bucks and hour and that’s the cheap ones, so, all bloggers and others who have helped shed light on this subject on the internet need to band together and SUE Grodner for payment. At 100 bucks and hour times the number of times Grodner’s name has appeared on blogs, that number will be about half the national debt. A class action suit against Grodner and any partners he has would tie up the system and Grodner himself for infinity.

    Yes, the above does sound insane………..NOW……but legal minds on the net can turn this into some real wicked shit, I’m betting, so be sure to copy and paste this on all forums….

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