Jay Grodner: Chicago Lawyer and Anti-American

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 Clarification:  My comment about Chicago doesn’t read the way it sounded in my head. Chicago’s one of my favorite cities, and the people are generally great.  My point was that it votes way to the left of the country as a whole.  Way.  Sorry to my Chicago friends.  It’s still a great town.

Everyone is blogging about this asshat.   Blackfive had it first.  For my part, I’ve e-mailed him the message below.  I want to buy him a custom-made t-shirt to show off to his friends.  I’m open to ideas.

To:     jayrg8@aol.com Subj: Keying a Marine’s Car

Mr. Grodner,

I just read about your petty liberal hate crime against a U.S. Marine.

I hope you’ve had time to reflect on the immaturity and criminality of your despicable act.  I hope you have come to realize that the worst Marine garners more admiration and respect from decent people than does the noblest lawyer.  I hope you are embarrassed for your crime, and I hope your family is duly humiliated by sharing a name and genes with you.

This publicity might help your practice: Chicago is filled with brainless liberals who couldn’t point to the United States on a map of the United States.  But I hope it forces you into a new line of work.  I hope your current clients bail and prospective client shun.

If you find yourself out of work, I understand the Marine Corps recruiting offices would be happy to talk to you about opportunties to serve your country.  You’ll get more satisfaction out of that than out of serving yourself.

Cordially, Bill Hennessy

I said everyone else is blogging.  Hope Mr. Grodner hears from everyone who contributed to Fred Thompson’s Blog Burst:

Michelle Malkin


Red Alerts: Corrected Link* Scumbag Windy City Lawyer **Jay** R. **Grodner** was caught red handed vandalizing the parked car of a … gets worse however, the damage to the car was assessed at $2400 making **Grodner**’s little display of nutrootery a felony.

Blogging Pilots

From the Halls to the Shores:  some gutless wonder keyed a deploying Marine’s car to the tune of felony damages and thinks he can get away with it because he’s an attorney. And this ain’t his first rodeo - he has a history of douchebaggery.

And many more. (Click on the Jay Grodner Technorati tag)

UPDATE:  Here’s the blog entry that takes the cake (click me, click me, oh, please click me!)

Thanks to fuzzilicious.com, we learn that Mr. Grodner has been disciplined  or investigated for a variety of lawyerly abuses, including:


forging documents


conflict of interest


abandoning clients


false billing


failure to disclose his disciplinary history to clients

I guess the Marines wouldn’t take this pantywaste after all.

UPDATE Grodner was guilty of vote fraud (forging petitions) in 1984.