Democrats Prove Incapable . . . Again

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The two leading Democrat contenders for president took time out from their campaigns, yesterday, using Benazir Bhutto’s assassination to demonstrate their utter incapability and unpreparedness to lead the world’s last remaining superpower.


Barrack Obama’s team blamed the United States, George Bush, and everyone who supported the Iraq War for Bhutto’s assassination. In other words, like the child he is, Obama blamed everyone but himself.


Our friend Gateway Pundit points out that Hillary’s soliloquy on Bhutto centered on the Senators long, close, personal relationship with Bhutto that lasted a dozen years. But the Pundit found some critical errors that indicate Senator Clinton lied about how well she knew Bhutto:

****** Benazir Bhutto’s father was hanged- not assassinated. ****** Benazir Bhutto **had 3 children **not 2.

**Clearly, Senator Clinton did not know Benazir Bhutto as well as she would like you to think… [source] **


With nuclear weapons getting closer and closer to Usama bin Laden’s filthy hands, the world needs a leader prepared to deal with dangerous terrorists. The Democrat Party offers no such leaders. The GOP offers four in Thompson, Romney, Giuliani, and McCain.

Vote Republican. A vote for Democrats is a vote for defeat.

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