Quashing Thought

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Does your college freshman attend mandatory thought indoctrination camps?  Is he formally and publicly humiliated by the university if his view on gay marriage, global warming, or affirmative action differ from Barrack Obama’s?  Doe his college or university punish him for holding opinions that are inconsistent with the Democrat Underground and other anti-American hate groups?

If he attends University of Delaware, the answer is “yes.”

Thanks to Joanne Jacobs on Pajama’s Media (h/t The Discerning Texan), we learn that Delaware is holding liberal, Soviet-style thought control experiments on its students, for which its faculty and administration should be taken out and shot.

A chilling description was provided by freshman Brooke Aldrich in a Wilmington News-Journal story: “Students were asked if they approved of such things as affirmative action or gay marriage. If they did, they would join students on one side of the room. If they didn’t, they would join students on the other side of the room. They were not permitted to explain their reasons or to answer ‘I don’t know,’ she said.”

Students wanted to talked about “why we chose this and sort out each other’s views,” she said. “But at the end, we were told the exercise was designed so that we could not have debate, that a lot of times in life you don’t have the opportunity to express your opinion.”

Read the whole story.  Then get your kids the hell out of the liberal brain-wash clinics they’re attending.  Send them to Hillsdale College or tell them to pay for their own damn indoctrination.