Good Luck

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I few years back, I went through some pretty tough times. I wrote about my situation on this blog. I won’t link to it, because I really don’t want you to read it. Financially, my family was in bad shape. Though we’re still together and very happy, that financial situation put strains on our marriage.

Hard work, persistence, an abject refusal to give in, and God’s grace (no doubt granted by your prayers) has delivered us to a great place in life.

I feel like wealth itself these days, and I am grateful. I am grateful for my wife who believed in me and in herself and in our kids. She believed in me when I had my doubts about myself.

I am grateful for and to our kids. The accepted the hardships visited upon them, the move, the change of schools, the loss of friends. They did without in an area where doing without is seen as a character flaw. They are all good kids. I’m proud of them.

I am grateful to my readers who continued to read through our problems. You put up with my infant-like whining.

I am grateful to my parents who instilled in me the fortitude to tough it out the way they did through the Depression and World War II and countles problems that I cannot even imagine.

I am grateful, mostly, to God and His Son who, in truth, is solely responsible for all the good in the world and particularly for all the good in my life. Whatever I need, He gives.

I am wealth itself. Thank you.

We’re moving into a beautiful new house this month.  It’s on the top of a hill and has views of hills aglow with the firey colors of a brilliant autumn.

I am lucky, and I get luckier every day.  I hope that by reading this, some luck rubs off on you–as if I were a chimney sweep!  Tomorrow will be a wonderful, wonderful day.