Mr. Couey, Welcome to Hell

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If you were with me in the winter of 2005, you may have read these posts about Jessica Lunsford, a beautiful Florida girl was missing for two weeks before investigators found her body.

3.19.05 Grant Her Peace 3.17.05 Person of Interest in Custody 3.5.05 Update on Missing Florida 9-Year-Old 2.28.05 Jessica Lunsford

She was sexually assaulted for a week, then buried alive by this evil son of a bitch:

Couey, a convicted sex offender, buried Lunsford alive in two black trash bags with her hands bound and her favorite purple stuffed dolphin tucked in her arms, Circuit Judge Richard Howard said. Lunsford’s body was found in a grave in Couey’s yard about three weeks after she disappeared.

The good news: tonight, he’s been sentenced to death.