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Several weeks ago, I linked and blogged about an organization headquartered in St. Louis.  I had never heard of it.  The name of the outfit–Council of Conservative Citizens–sounded like something useful.  After reading a few entries on the blog, I thought it sounded pretty good.

Today, though, I received their quarterly newsletter.  I was a bit surprised by the number of stories about “blacks.”  As I continued to read, it was obvious that the editors of the paper hold racial views that I have no desire to be associated with.

I later learned tonight that prominent politicians have been excoriated for speaking at the group’s gathering. Reading more about the CofCC, I realized that I must disavow the organization’s published views regarding race.

The organization might have views in common with mine. I’m sure they do. But they have very public views that I find abhorrent.

I apologize for sending readers to their sites, and I hope readers will forgive my lack of due diligence in studying the group’s positions before linking.