Clinton on Iraq: Victory is Not an Option

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St. Louis, MO–Campaiging in Mooseknuckles, MO, today, Democrat Hillary Clinton gave supporters her strongest argument to date for an immediate, unconditional pull-out from Iraq.

“You read the news,” she shrilled to the largely silent crowd.  “You read the reports the coming out of Iraq.  You know what’s happened during George Bush’s war!”

The audience’s polite but blank silence indicated that they didn’t.

“You have seen Senator Durbin and several Brookings Institute scholars report from the field that the surge is pushing back the insurgents.”

She raised her right hand to quell the nascent cheers of the crowd.  Wrong queue.

“If we don’t begin a complete withdrawal immediately,” Clinton yelled, “this war could be over!  If America wins this war, you–you invisible people–you lose,  because the Republicans will continue to keep all of you invisible.”

The audience seemed confused, unsure whether Clinton’s “invisible” line was an applause queue or not.  But they smiled politely and fanned themselves with the carbon-neutral programs.