Terror Alert: Washington State

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I got this link on GatewayPundit:

The FBI is asking for the public’s help to identify two men who have been seen acting strangely aboard Washington State ferries recently. According to federal agents, passengers have seen the men on several occasions exhibiting unusual behavior. The FBI did not say precisely what that unusual

The Submarine Base at Bremerton is home to the Navy’s Pacific fleet of Trident class submarines.  I believe there is also a weapons station. 

If these two are terrorists, their location is frighteningly similar to that of the Charleston, South Carolina, terror suspects now in custody.  The SC pair were nabbed only a couple of miles from Naval Weapons Station Charleston in July.

Perhaps because I’m an old submariner, I suspect everyone wants to sink a sub.  Or maybe they saw that made for TV movie in the early 80s about terrorists detonating a nuke on a sub in Charleston.  (Can’t happen, but interesting concept.)The more I think about, the more I’m convinced that the Charleston pair are on a mission to study FBI techniques and methods

National Terror Alert also has information on the Charleston suspects.  .