Democrat Apparatchik Files Complaint Against Fred Thompson

A Democrat apparatchik named Lane Hudson has filed a complaint against Fred Thompson with the Federal Election Commission, according to WaPo.

The lefty claims that Thompson is violating the law by operating like a candidate without declaring his candidacy. 

Hudson plans to file similar complaints against George Washington, who spent much of the Revolutionary War traveling through critical electoral states, like Pennsylvannia and New York, without declaring himself a candidate for President.  “Not only was Washington campaigning illegally, he presided over the Constitutional Convention that created the job he would later seize,” Hudson said.  Hudson hopes the FEC will overturn the results of the 1788 election, making Al Gore the first President of the United States and stimulating the dormant American History textbook business.

Clearly, this weasel needs something to do. 

(Sorry for linking to a moonbat blog, but the complaint and the moronic babble in the comments are funnier than Blazing Saddles.)

Update:  Thanks to USAToday for the link.

Update:  Both of my regular readers will notice that I failed to lead the story with a dateline, as is my wont want when pieces contain satirical content.  My oversight.  It began as a series piece, but this Hudson guy is such a pathetic absurdity that satire seemed the only fitting style. 

Author: William Hennessy

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