Presidential Campaign Roundup

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We’re still 15 months away from the next general election.  Remember that.  Getting groceries and taking the kids to hockey practice are more important.  Two World Series separate us from the election, not to mention a season and a half of football, more than a year of  school.  A child born today will be talking and walking before the election.

That said, Fred Thompson spoke to CNN yesterday, and his remarks make interesting reading.

  * He would work to overturn Roe v. Wade as President.  That is pretty bold and unequivocal.  Most Presidential candidates give only vaguely pro ("It's decided law.") or vagues con ("It's bad law.") on the subject.  Few give a straight answer.
  * He would push for a Constitutional amendment permitting states to ignore gay marriage laws of other states.  Here he's in the boat with President Bush and others, but this stance should help cement his standing with social conservatives.
  * He will announce his entry into the campaign shortly.  In fact, in a statement on his website, he says that he will enter the race next month.
  * He is not surprised that people in Washington think he's "too lazy' to be president.  He says that he will have more Washington detractors when the race is over.  Good for him.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, tells audiences about Karl Rove:  “. . . he’s so obsessed with me.”  Get over yourself, girl.  Your husband isn’t even obsessed with you.   Hillary might suffer from what Charles Horton Cooley called “the looking-glass self.

Captain Ed Morrissey delightfully examines John Edwards' rather blatant stupidity.   In a matter of hours, Edwards told reporters that Michael Moore’s “Sicko” documentary about the wonders of Cuban socialized medicine was a great movie AND that he has no idea whether Cuba has a government-run healthcare system.  Morrissey says the contradiction shows Edwards a lightweight.  I say it shows him an idiot.  BTW, have you noticed that Edwards mantra now is “change?”  I guess he figured we need a white guy with a Southern accent in the White House.  (In that case, I’ll take Fred.)

Finally, Barack Obama has opted out of the remaining Democrat candidate forum that some call debates.  Apparently his handlers realize that extemporaneous thinking isn’t one of the magic negro’s strenghts.