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Iranians in Iraq

Apparently, an Iranian army special forces unit is in Iraq training Shiite militias on the more effective methods of killing Americans. You’ll be pleased to know that the US is “tracking” them.

My question is, Why aren’t we killing them? The Kurds are, according this story at Gateway Pundit.

They are enemy combatants in an American occupation zone. We need answer to no one for eliminating this problem.

This points to my whole problem with the way the Bush administration has handled Iraq. The cries and moans of the left will rise up to the heavens no matter what Bush does. Yet Bush has continued to take half measures, hoping to quell the left’s discontent and outrage. He should do what is right with total disregard for what the left says.

Since Saddam’s capture, the surge is the only major operation Bush has authorized over the objections of the left, and it has been a success. As I’ve written until I’m blue in the fingers, offense is the only thing that works in war. You are either attacking or being attacked. You are either advancing or retreating. We learned in Korea and Viet Nam that holding ground means losing.

Fight, W; fight. Take it to them. Make them look for places to hide.

Update: Captain Ed has more on this story, including this observation:

Their appearance in Baghdad is not coincidental to the rise in attacks from Shi’ite extremists. The adminstration will explicitly accuse the IRG of fomenting those attacks through logistics and and command, and the visit from Teheran’s finest will certainly help make that case.

I get the feeling this story has legs.

Author: William Hennessy

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