Illegals and Heinous Crime

Everyone who pays attention knows that the most spectacular and sickening murders of late were perpetrated by illegal aliens–the kind of people to whom Ted Kennedy wishes to give unfettered access to our schools and hospitals.

Mel at aniMel describes two of the crimes, ending with a wonderful summary of the problem of illegal immigration:

I want to be free. I want my country to be safe. I want to stop reading these sad stories of tragedy that the alien invaders hand us every day while they laugh and say, “now give me my civil rights or I’ll sue you!” If you’re not an American, you have no civil rights. And anybody who holds American citizenship and continues to stand up for these complete wastes of skin isn’t an American. You’re a friggin’ coward.

Read and heed, people. A fifteen year old girl and three young friends killed by one of them, not one of us.

BTW, the gunman who killed three people at church in Neosho, Missouri, today appears to be an immigrant. Whether or not he’s here legally or illegally remains to be seen.

Author: William Hennessy

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  1. You know what? I’d love to move back to my hometown, Houston, because I love it there and I love my family there; but as long as it’s a sanctuary city, I refuse to subject myself to the fear that an illegal immigrant will commit a crime against me. And I pray every day for my family because I know they’re not protected by the law.

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