Iowa Straw Poll

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The only lasting impact of the Iowa straw poll will be the removal of Sam Brownback.

Brownback bussed in supporters by the bushel at $35 a head. He bet the farm on Iowa, and he lost. Mike Huckabee scored more votes than he paid for, which, as Time magazine points out, means one of two things: some of Huckabee’s supporters paid their own fare, or Huckabee stole votes from people who entered the fair on another candidate’s dime. Either way, the result makes Huckabee THE dark horse in the Republican race.

Ron Paul, Tommy Thompson, and Sam Brownback can go home, now. Their race is over.

The other surprise, besides Huckabee’s impressie showing, was the meager resulst of the non-participant, Fred Thompson, Giuliani, and McCain. Time summarizes their numbers:

Getting only a smattering of votes were Fred Thompson (203 votes) who has not formally entered the race, Giuliani (183), California Congressman Duncan Hunter (174), and, last, Arizona Senator John McCain (101), whose position in favor of comprehensive immigration reform has decimated his campaign in Iowa.

Of interest in this group is Fred Thompson who received more votes than either Giuliani or McCain. Thompson has not officially entered the race, while Giuliani and McCain have already spent a fortune.

Captain Ed notes that the results could also cripple Romney. He should have trounced the field without Giuliani, McCain, and Thompson there to challenge. Perhaps