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Haditha Marines Vindicated

The three Marines who were charged and cleared of murdering civilians in Iraq became the poster children for Jack Murtha’s attempts to destroy the U.S. Marine Corps. (I have no doubt that Murtha drank of Ho Chi Minh’s kool-aid in Viet Nam.) Murtha’s lies, smears, libels, and slanders launched an anti-American industry that just held its Yearly Kos nightmare in Chicago.

The Marines libeled by Murtha and others are free, now. They have every right to receive compensation for the Murtha’s criminal lies. One Marine’s parents want Murtha censured. I want him chained to the bumper of a 1967 Chevy pickup and dragged through the streets of Atlanta for 24 hours. If he survives, bully for him.

What does Murtha have to say for himself? Nothing. He’s a coward

BTW, I hate Jack Murtha. He is such a wuss. He accepts e-mail ONLY from people in his district. Pure loser. How many of his comrades did he sell out to the NVA or VC to get out of Viet Nam alive? If he’s willing to sell out his country now, you know he was willing to sell out a few Marines then.

Crotchety Old Bastard puts it best:

But I will save the most brutal judgment for another “Marine”.Jack Murtha is hereby no longer a Marine. He is the lowest form of a communist sympathizing, piece of shit to ever embarrass the uniform!>

I would have brought his fat, useless carcass before a Court Martial for condemning Marines with no evidence. Like every other American, and maybe even more so, a Marine is innocent until proven guilty you useless sack of bat guano!

Author: William Hennessy

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  1. Sorry, you can’t get away from this or any story about the injustices against the Marines in Haditha or elsewhere in Iraq without blaming the real culpable party:


    This prosecution or attempt thereof would have never happened without his permission. It could have been stopped with one stroke of a pen. He wouldn’t stop it, because he approves of the politically correct way we’re occupying Iraq.

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