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Mullah Cirac Leads Me To A Great Post

Someone calling himself Mullah Cirac posted a comment to an earlier post on the growing popularity of the war in Iraq. I posted a long reply to the Mullah. Then I checked my comments meta to see if he left legit e-mail and website. I don’t know about the e-mail, but web url he claims as his belongs to a girl from Texas who might be able to kick Cirac’s unholy ass from Mecca to Odessa.

AniMEL writes about “Nazi America.” When I saw the title and started reading, I expected that the mullah had led me to a post that would “prove” America is the great Satan for killing and incarcerating fine young terrorists. But the post goes in a different direction, and it goes there under the pen of a talented story teller. If you read nothing else today, read AniMEL’s Nazi America. She’s obviously the kind of American woman I wrote about in my reply to Mullah Cirac.

DOH! I was looking at the wrong comment. Mel, of aniMEL fame, responded reasonably to one of my unreasonable tirades. I thought the url on her comment was the url on Mullah Cirac’s. Everything else I wrote above, though, landed squarely on the nail’s head.

Author: William Hennessy

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