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War Popularity Continues to Grow

The second poll in a week–this one by USAToday/Gallup–shows that support for the war in Iraq is growing. The latest poll shows that public perception of America’s success has increased substantially in the past month. The numbers coincide with the increasing effectiveness of the surge.

In the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, taken Friday through Sunday, the proportion of those who said the additional troops are “making the situation better” rose to 31% from 22% a month ago. Those who said it was “not making much difference” dropped to 41% from 51%.

I blogged about a similar NYTimes/CBS poll released quietly on July 23 showed a 6 percentage point increase in public support. (NYTimes buries the story in its blog section, while didn’t mention it.)

Having two polls in two weeks show the same trend is significant, as the second poll validates the first. The increasing popularity also demonstrates that the MSM aren’t working hard enough at recuiting losers. Ed Morrissey downplays the numbers believing the upside is tempered by a majority wanting a complete withdrawal by April.

Perhaps. But I’d like to pull out by April, too–with total victory in hand. I think some portion of those who want the pullout want victory, too. I’m not sure how pullout numbers would look if the question were, “Do you support or oppose a complete military withdrawal even if it means defeat for the US and genocide in Iraq?”

More interesting to me is why now? We know that July was the least lethal month for our folks in quite a while. I think there’s more, though.

Americans, I’ve noticed, pull back their support when those out front seem overzealous. I think we get suspicious, like when a salesman continues to sell the product after you’ve said, “Yes.” We wonder if maybe there’s more to the movement than meets the eye–maybe a hidden agenda among the leaders that’s concealed from the rank and file.

Whatever the reason, the numbers are positive. I hope the Pentagon keeps the pressure on the terrorists. As I mentioned after the NYTimes/CBS poll, Americans love a winner, they like the aggressor, we want to take it to them instead of waiting for them to bring it to us.

For those in Iraq, keep up the great fight. God bless you and noble mission.

Author: William Hennessy

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