Fooling Around With Mother Nature

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From the AP:

Microorganisms locked in Antarctic ice for 100,000 years and more came to life and resumed growing when given warmth and nutrients in a laboratory.

Okay, so science has reconstituted microorganisms that haven’t seen the light of day since the dinosaurs scoured the earth. And this is good news?

Here’s what the left will do with this information:

  * These microorganisms prove that human activity causes global warming, according to Al Gore.  Don't look for anything to support this claim; people will accept it as fact because it has to do with "human activity" and "global warming."
  * Some of the microorganisms will escape the lab.  Senate Democrats will hold investigations to find out if Karl Rove leaked the creatures.  A [Kos-freak]( will declare he'd rather be killed by a terrorist than eaten alive by a pre-historic bacterium.
  * Ward Churchill will claim that the Bush administration reconstituted the microbes to sprinkle on blankets earmarked for Indian Reservations.
  * North Korea will claim it thawed even better, older microorganisms long before the West ever even thought of it, and that it intends to continue its microbial enrichment program no matter what the UN says.
  * For its part, the United Nations will demand that developed nations share their reserves of frozen microbes with lesser developed countries in Latin America and Africa
  * Finally, a renegade DA in Florida will charge Rush Limbaugh with illegally obtaining samples of the microbes, claiming they ease his back pain.