Terrorism at Naval Weapons Station?**UPDATE**

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UPDATE  Michelle Malkin reports that the two suspects arrested with explosives near Charleston, SC, last night are Muslims.  See MichelleMalkin.com for updated details. (Maybe they were on their way home from YearlyKos.)  From the Charleston ABC News affiliate’s website:

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office believes that among materials in the car’s trunk were a bomb and bomb making materials that include chemicals, fuses, and igniters.  The men 21-year-old Yousef Megahed and 24-year-old Ahmed Mohamed were pulled over Saturday evening during a routine traffic stop near Myers Road and Highway 176.

How did I miss this? Michelle Malkin reported a possible terrorism attempt a Naval Weapons Station, Charleston–just outside Charleston, SC.

I lived on Lafayette Street in the Weapons Station for 2 years, and my submarines were stationed there for refit several time between 1985 and 1992.

As of 9:35 a.m. today, the facts are:

  * Saturday, 6:00 p.m. Police stopped a 4-door sedan on highway 176 in Goose Creek, SC
  * Saturday, 6:10 p.m. to midnight, fire departments, bomb squads, and FBI converged on the scene
  * Sunday after midnight the FBI used a robot to extract materials from the vehicle
  * Sunday, 9:35 a.m., [Charleston Post-Courier's](https://www.charleston.net/news/2007/aug/05/possible_bomb_scare_shuts_down_goose_creek_highway/) latest update, but no conclusions

I have a lot of friends who retired to the Goose Creek area. Hope all is well.

The Naval Weapons Station was one of the most secure places in the nuclear submarine world. Check out the comments to the Post-Courier story.

UPDATE: New Wars blog says a witness reports that police detonated the explosive device.  Same story on Yahoo News