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More Bad News for Global Warming Alarmists

For years, global warming alarmists have claimed that aerosols have masked the effects of greenhouse gases in the past, explaining why global temperatures cooled during a period of rapid greenhouse gas production in the 20th century.

But a new study by University of California-San Diego and NASA (found on FoxNews.com) indicates that the alarmists were wrong about the aerosols: they don’t reduce temperature but raise it. In other words, the things that wackos claim to reduce global warming actually cause global warming.

Meanwhile, a global warming kook scientist in England, Chris Goodall, has discovered that exercise, including walking, contributes more to global warming than driving a car. He’s actually advocating sloth and driving short distances to save the world. (Captain’s Quarters). You can’t make this stuff up:

“The troubling fact is that taking a lot of exercise and then eating a bit more food is not good for the global atmosphere. Eating less and driving to save energy would be better.”–Goodall

The Fox News story rightly decries the continued push for idiotic regulations to prevent something that has no scientific support whatsoever. Human-driven global warming is the stuff religion, not science, is made of. The alarmists are mostly idiots who lack the reasoning skills and innate intelligence to separate theory from science. The scientists, on the other hand, are ideologues whose goal is to damage Western civilization, not to save the planet.

Captain Ed strikes gold, too.  His final paragraph on the food post is priceless:

Kennedy focuses mostly on food production in this column. Food production uses a tremendous amount of energy, but what’s the alternative? He quotes experts as advising people to “avoid supermarkets” and to reject frozen foods and meals as especially wasteful. It would be better to have fewer choices, less nutrition and balance, and more starvation, according to this worldview. Kennedy admits that only a vegan would choose to live this way, and even then, they’d have to drive their cars hungry to the organic grocers every other day to buy and keep their food fresh enough to eat without freezing or long-term refrigeration.

The enviroidiots remain all over the place. Lacking science, they simply announce that “all human activity contributes to global warming.” When will they merge their books on things you can do to save the planet with the suicide how-to books, like Final Exit? Clearly, the only thing we can really do to save the planet is to kill ourselves.


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