A Republic No More

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Last night in the U.S. House of Representatives, a party’s leadership refused to abide by a legal vote (Volunteer Opinion Journal).

The vote was on a Republican measure to strip from a farm bill language that guaranteed welfare for illegal aliens. The vote was 215-213 in favor of stripping the guarantees.

But Nancy Pelosi wanted a different result. So, her minions essentially burned the ballots, declared there was no vote, and ordered a new one (Michelle Malkin).

Republican members and staff witnessed Democrat thugs intimidating junior Democrat Congressmen into changing their votes. The strong-arming is on video. Republicans, incensed that the Democrats had illegally overturned the vote, refused to participate in the charade–the Republicans walked out (Gateway Pundit).

If the majority party can nullify lawful votes because the leaders disagree with the results, is there really any point in pretending we are still a republic? We’re not. We’re an oligarchy, and a crappy one at that.

Since we’re now operating well outside the parameters of the Constitution, perhaps the President should send the Army to seize the Capitol, expel Congress, and call new elections.

To hell with a bunch of Democrat crooks.

UPDATE: Captain’s Quarters: “House to Investigate . . . Itself!” I can predict the result: a recommendation to eliminate the photo ID requirement at Congressioal voting booths.