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UN Approves Darfur Force

The UN Security Council, today, finally got around to approving a 26,000-strong force to control the violence in Darfur (

I have a depressing suspicion that this means there are no Christians left for the Muslims to kill in Darfur. Expat Yank thinks the same:

There are only two reasons a predator state engaged in fomenting widespread slaughter (the UN has not termed Darfur “genocide”) will voluntarily allow in a UN peacekeeping force: 1) that state has already accomplished most of its ”slaughter” goals (remember, this conflict began in February 2003), or 2) it doesn’t believe the UN force will be able to accomplish much of anything anyway, so its best to let it be deployed in order to get the “international community” off its back.

Sadder, still, is the lack of blog and editorial reaction to the news. A couple of years ago, even Barack Obama was calling for action in Sudan–even unilateral US military action. Today, nothing.

Either genocide has become too familiar to notice, or the economy is providing enough distractions that otherwise good people don’t care.

Also, Theo Spark has the official banner of the operation.

Author: William Hennessy

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