Minneapolis-St. Paul Bridge Collapse

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_UPDATE and Bump: Predictably, the idiot left has begun blaming George W. Bush and the Iraq War on Terror for the bridge collapse (Gateway Pundit). They know they’re full of manure. Saturday, liberal Bob Beckel on FoxNews admitted that there was no connection, but he went to explain the liberal lies: “Those of us who are opposed to this war will anything to advance our point.” _

_It’s nice to hear a Democrat fess up to lying. _

I came home feeling feverish and went to bed earlier. I woke up at 9:30, planning to do some blogging.

But my first glance

around the world began with Captain’s Quarter where I learned of the bridge collapse and of Ed Morrissey’s search for his

dauther-in-law and granddaaughter. They are okay.

Michelle Malkin has continuing coverage.

CNN has continuous live feed. UPDATE CNN’s live feed stopped at 10:40 p.m. CDT.

Nothing else deserves comment. This deserves only my prayers.

Here’s the bridge before the collapse for reference–you’ll be seen plenty of the after photos to compare.