Thompson Campaign Alive and Well

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Thompson’s enemies in both parties–all Democrats and the Republicans running for President–are acting like the $3 million raised by his exploratory committee in June dooms his candidacy.


First, Fred formed the committee on June 4.  It takes a while to get the money flow started, to get people going to the websites, etc.  If the average daily gross for June 24 - June 30 were no greater than that of the first week, I’d be more concerned.

Second, Fred’s donations are coming mostly from grassroots conservatives.  While the lefties want people think we’re all Rockefellers and Gateses, we’re not.  Some of us woke up giddy today because it’s pay day. 

Third, Fred Thompson’s support, in my humble opinion, comes from people and places who are not usually interested in candidates this early.  Like Reaganites, they don’t contribute to campaigns, they don’t work phone banks, they don’t put signs in their yards or stickers on their cars unless they know the candiate personally. 

Let’s see how Fred’s fundraising dinners go, and how his opponents overplay their hand on this phony contribution story.  And cast a gimlet eye towards the blogs that quote “Republican” insiders; the party insiders I know are always working an angle.  Pity those who fret that Fred Thompson has out-witted himself.  On the other hand, some Thompson supporters not associated with the campaign apparently were floating ridiculous numbers to the press.  That doesn’t help. Managing expectations should be left to the professionals, not attempted by armchair Roger Ayleses.