Brookings Institute Says US Gaining in Iraq

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Linked from Hugh Hewitt
The headline would have read, “We’re Gaining in Iraq,” but I didn’t want to confuse any liberals for whom the “we” in Iraq is al Qaeda.

The surge is working according two liberals from the Brookings Institute writing in the New York Times. And according to Dean Barnett blogging on, their former friends on the left are ready to do to them what it appears Chuck Schumer did to the Chief Justice.

Barnett writes:

Characteristically, both [liberal attack] pieces didn’t take issue with what Brookings-men Kenneth Pollack and Michael O’Hanlon reported seeing in Iraq but instead attacked them personally. If you’ve studied the moonbats in their native habitats as I have the past several years, this comes as no surprise. After all, what is the chickenhawk meme but an attempt to win an argument by attacking your opponent rather than engaging his ideas? Has anyone come back from Iraq recently and not seen progress? Wouldn’t an effective rebuttal of O’Hanlon’s and Pollack’s article sought out such friendly sources?

Of course, liberals attack with personal insults. They have no reason, no logic, no defense, no apology for their positions. They arrive at their positions the way a water bug arrives at the edge of a table.

In “Up From Liberalism,” William F. Buckley described this as “the liberal mania.” To date, medical science has found no cure, and society has invested far too little in its eradication.

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