MichelleMalkin.com Called "Hate Site"

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Michelle Malkin responds to that unnecessary race of humans known as liberals. The liberals, it seems, have gone about calling her web site, michellemalkin.com, a “hate-site.”

Other bloggers are jumping in to defend Michelle. I won’t. I think she has one of the best blogs in the business, but she doesn’t need my defense.

First, liberals are evil little creatures–more little than evil, in the small, petty sense. Their self-righteous slander is not really meant to hurt its target as to aggrandize the speaker or writer in his own small mind and among his own petty peers.

Second, I hate a lot of things, and I suspect Michelle does too. Since I write often about things I hate (even if I don’t say I hate them), I couldn’t be upset if HennessysView.com were called a “hate-site.” It’s very much a “love-site,” too, though, because I write about things I love (even though I don’t always write that I love them). Remember that liberals are small, petty, and narrow-minded. They react impulsively and inappropriately to stimuli, the way waterbugs react to light.

Finally, with all the hatefulness that liberals – small, evil bastards that they are – have directed toward Michelle, including calls to rape and murder her and her small children, Michelle can sleep well knowing that nothing she’s written rises to the level of evil visited routinely by her enemies.