Beyond YouTube: The Blog Campaign

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Matt Margolis at GOP Bloggers questions the cutting-edginess of the YouTube debate. He’s right in his various points about the ordinariness of the whole affair.

To make the presidential race more interesting, I propose a blog-off. The candidates have to start a blog using a commonly available blog app: WordPress (my fave), MoveableType, etc. The candidate with the highest TLB Ecosystem score wins his party’s nomination.

The rules

  1. Posts must be submitted by the candidate himself or herself.  The FEC will supervise the posts to ensure they come from the candidate
  2. Blog must be hosted on a discount hosting site, and the candidate himself must deal with DNS problems, server outages, and database problems caused by the fetishist blog sharing the same MySQL server.
  3. Candidate campaign contributions are limited to money raised from their banner advertising.
  4. Banner advertising cannot solicit donations for that candidate's campaign.
  5. Candidates are prohibited from any other form of advertising, save for live appearances.
  6. Candidates must respond to all comments within 15 minutes, lest be compared to female genitalia.
  7. Each blog entry must contain at least 3 links to other blogs, at lease one of which requiring manual trackback.
  8. At least one entry per day must be posted between the hours 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. in the candidate's time zone.
  9. The candidate's internet service provider must be publicly available.  Charter's Pipeline serves them right.
  10. Each candidate must appear first on the [OTB Beltway Traffic Jam]( at least once before his party's convention.

Ten simple rules. Think they can follow them? Oh, and the winner gets custom pajamas.