Blast From the Past: Ward Churchill

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Funny thing . . . last night, I was cruising around one of my favorite blogs, The Pirate Ballerina, to see how the battle of Ward

Churchill was going. It turns out, reading Michelle Malkin, that CU’s decision to fire or retain the plagiarist, almost-American Indian renegade professor is due tonight.

I’ll add links to my previous WC posts shortly. In the meantime, go over to Pirate Ballerina and take a stroll down memory lane.

UPDATE: Now, take stroll down my Ward Churchill Memory Lane

UPDATE: From Pirate Ballerina:

Update (5:36): More than an hour and a half later than anticipated, the CU Regents reconvene to vote publicly on the dismissal of Professor Ward Churchill.

Update (5:36): 8-1 motion to dismiss Churchill is passed. Regents adjourn.

The saga of Ward Churchill ends with his dismissal. Good riddance.

I wonder if Werner Klemperrer came out to announce “Diiiismissed!”

MM was right on top of it, too.

UPDATE: Here’s the fantastic YouTube video, including the long-haired, maggot-infested, hippie, FM types shouting “bullshit” at the end, just before they go back to their dorm rooms to smash up some stems and seeds because they can’t afford real dope.


And check out the stereotype audience down-right. See him? With the maggot-infested beard and long hair? Classic. He’ll spend the next three years mailing bombs to computer scientists, but in 2017 he’ll be a Wall Street bond salesman making $7 million and writing books about why he’s not a sell-out.

Looking through the archives, I found this tidbit of my own wisdom for Blackbeard:

More frightening [than Churchill] are his defenders. Like the Brown Shirts, they defend his “interesting” perspective and the fact that he “makes people think.” No, boys and girls of academia, he doesn’t make people think: he makes people respond the way an angry dog responds when poked with a stick. Ward Churchill is scum with a microphone, stinking up American society with thoughtless, moronic words strung together into sentences designed to inspire hate and encourage terrorism.

Captain Ed makes a good point:

He [Churchill] has misrepresented himself and sought to inflate his public profile on the backs of dead victims of terrorism. His firing has little to do with this, and so it has little to do with issues of academic freedom. The only connection comes from his own efforts to draw attention to his hateful diatribes, which launched a thousand research projects into his background. Churchill is a ridiculous and petty figure.

Ed goes on to indicate that the publicity from his firing undoes the good of his firing. I disagree. Churchill’s firing will not launch a needed avalanche of firings of lousy professors, but academia’s cowardice only gives us more cause to applaud Colorado’s hubris.

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