Thompson - Guiliani: Dead Heat

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A Rasmussen poll released on Friday shows Fred Thompson, not yet declared candidate, in a virtual tie with Rudy Guiliani as McCain continues his free-fall. I know a lot of his supporters want Fred to declare soon, but I think his strategy is working. As the left and the right throw all the negatives they can find his way, his poll numbers continue to climb. Perhaps he’s letting his opponents punch themselves out . . . a political Rope-a-Dope. Once he’s in the race for real, they’ll have little left to hit him with.

A national telephone survey conducted over the seven days ending July 15 shows former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani are still neck and neck in the race for of the Republican Presidential nomination. It’s Thompson 24%, Giuliani 23% and a lot of daylight between the frontrunners and the rest of the pack. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Arizona Senator John McCain remain tied at 12%.

Run, Fred, run.