My Goal For Today

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Produce at least twice as much carbon as Al Gore. No easy feat, since his carbon footprint is the size of the average family of eighty

Michelle Malkin covers the weekend’s greenfest.

By the way, a “Live” event, such as “Live Earth” is death-knell for most awareness movements. Farm Aid, Live Aid, blah, blah, blah. The shallow left, particular the suburban mothers for whom guilt is their principal form of amusement, watch a couple of hours of banal television, stick an “awareness” magnet on their 2007 Nissan Tundras (with seating for eight), and drive the kids to the pool club (because the subdivision pool is alway so crowded and Austin doesn’t get along with that one boy from up the hill.)

What we need is a good ozone hole to get people thinking the important things again–like a solid tan. Just ask Beth (and she’s With Fred, too.)