Grass is Greener on the Other Side of the Aisle

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Congressional Democrats are finding leadership isn’t as fun as they thought it would be. With pressure for radical action mounting on the left, this fall could get ugly for Pelosi and Reid.

The Democrats of 2006 ran against Bush in contrast to the Republics of 1994 who ran on the Pledge with America. The result is that the current Congress sees only one duty: damage the President. That duty, unfortunately, appears nowhere in Article I of the Constitution.

Since taking over Congress in January, job approval ratings for Congress have sunk to their lowest levels since . . . well, since the last time Democrats controlled Congress. The American people don’t necessarily like it when Congress acts, but they seem to like it less when Congress does nothing. So far, this Congress has done as little as Congressionally possible.

How have things changed since the Democrats took the oath of office?

  * Troop strength in Iraw increased 30 percent. (Dems ran on getting out of Iraq.) 	  * Scooter Libby is a free man. (In January, he was on trial.) 	  * Amnesty for Illegals is dead. (Dems supported open borders.) 	  * The economy continues to improve despite housing slump. (Dems campaigned on turning around the economy, which presumably means they intended to cause a recession.)

According to Nancy Pelosi, the 110th Congress has been a failure, and, according to Harry Reid, it’s the GOP’s fault (source).

So how will the Democrats reverse this trend? Expect three big pushes in the fall:

  1. More and more investigations of the White House 	  2. A big push for impeachment that may include an indictment passing in the House 	  3. Cutting funds for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan How will the GOP respond? That's a great question. One quality the current Republican leadership lacks is public relations. Now, getting your message out isn't easy when ALL of the major media belong to the opposition party, but leaders find a way.