Run, Fred, Run

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_ Fred Thompson has turned a frightening but dull election into the most exciting and pivotal campaign since Ronald Reagan cleaned Jimmy Carter’s clock in 1980. If Fred Thompson’s campaign hasn’t electrified you, consult a physician._

I’m With Fred
In 1996, I quit writing my Town Hall column because I was sick of party politics. Specifically, I was sick of the GOP running losers because it was their turn. (Dole) I worked hard for Bush in 2000, mostly because the alternative would have been disastrous, not because of any strong feelings for W. The whole time–going on 10 years now–I’ve longed for a new Reagan, a candidate about whom my passions might soar.

Along comes Fred Thompson, the next president of the United States. Actor, Senator, lawyer, and plain-spoken genius. Most importantly, if he runs, he will win:

  * Energizes every Republican and conservative faction 	  * [Energizes young people](,,-6764234,00.html) (even though they don't vote--they get attention) 	  * Destroys opponents in debate and argument 	  * Makes critics look mean and stupid with simple, [honest responses](

I have placed a link to a web site dedicated to make Fred’s transition into a full-fledged candidate easy for everyone. Please drop a few dollars on the site’s collection plate, sign up, and help get this man the GOP nomination and election in 2008. It’ll be the best thing you’ve done for your children in years. Not only will our individual passions soar, Fred can restore America to that “shining city on a hill,' that Regan delivered.

With Thompson in the White House, we won’t have to worry about surrendering to Islamofascists as the Democrats hope we do and as The Gateway Pundit expertly combats.