Deo Gratias

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When I first read bogus news stories about the significance of today’s date–07/07/07–I was dismissive, as I was of stories about the millennium bug (or “Y2K Problem”) back in the late 90s. (I made a decent amount of money fixing that bug, though.) It turns out 07/07/07 was a watershed.

Pope Benedict XVI released his long awaited motu proprio on the 1962 Missal today.

It is, therefore, permissible to celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass following the typical edition of the Roman Missal promulgated by Bl. John XXIII in 1962 and never abrogated, as an extraordinary form of the Liturgy of the Church.

In Latin:

Proinde Missae Sacrificium, iuxta editionem typicam Missalis Romani a B. Ioanne XXIII anno 1962 promulgatam_ et numquam abrogatam, uti formam extraordinariam Liturgiae Ecclesiae, celebrare licet._

Liberation, freedom, grace, and gratitude flood the mind and soul. Free at last, praise Jesus; free at last.

(If you live in St. Louis, MO, vicinity and wish to witness a beautiful Latin mass, join me at the Passionist Nuns Chapel any Sunday at 9:45. Visit Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem for more information.)

I have written so much on the myriad virtues of the Latin mass that I dare not repeat my arguments here. This is no time for argument–only for celebration.

Free at last.

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