Three Cheers for Maliki

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Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki told the world that his army, with American support, would soon secure Baghdad. Unlike previous such promises, this time he seems to mean it.

Already the Iraqi army has killed at least 30 deserving scum, and they’re looking for more.

We are fully aware that implementing the plan will lead to some harassment for all beloved Baghdad residents, but we are confident they fully understand the brutal terrorist assault we all face," he said.

Finally. The AP reports Maliki has committed at least 20,000 troops to the operation and will request American support only when needed.

Maliki also stood up to critics, like the New York Times and United Nations, telling countries who don’t Iraqi justice (as in Saddam’s hanging) to pack it up their asses and keep their hands off his oil. Indicating that vocal critics might not make worthy customers, Maliki warned:

 “The Iraqi government could be obliged to review its relations with any state that fails to respect the wish of the Iraqi people,” Maliki warned on the occasion of the Army Day. (source China View)


“We consider the execution of the dictator an internal affair that concerns only the Iraqi people,” Maliki stressed, adding “it was not a political decision as suggested by the enemies of Iraqi people.”

Of course, the pro-terrorist, anti-justice MLM won’t mention the story. Instead, the NYT equates President Bush and al-Maliki with Hussein, as if Saddam were a victim in all this (H/T Beth):

For the Bush administration, which insists it went to war in Iraq to implant democracy and justice, those globally viewed images were a shaming embarrassment. Unfortunately, all Americans will be blamed, while the Iraqi people are now likely to suffer still more. What should have been a symbolic passage out of Iraq’s darkest era will instead fuel a grim new era of spiraling sectarian vengeance.

I can’t wait for un-American lefties who’ve recently discovered this blog to decry my maltreatment of the New York Times. The shiftless, brainless sonofabitch who wrote that idiotic, Pollyanna editorial oughta be taken out an shot, as LA Police Chief Gates might say.Â

Al-Maliki has recieved much criticism from all sides, and much of it was deserved. If he continues to tell the leftist world to kiss his oil-rich ass while slaughtering the terrorist bastards by the bushel-full, he’ll get Iraq’s respect.Â

In that editorial, the NYT dimwit predicted that Saddam’s execution would destroy Iraq and al-Maliki:Â

al-Maliki is never likely to produce the national unity government that Washington keeps demanding and that Iraq so desperately needs.

Let the security of Baghdad and an exclusive oil contract for the US prove the NYT wrong, not that that is such a great feat.