Liberals Hate Free Speech **Dierker Update**

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UPDATE See the O’Reilly Factor interview with Judge Dierker here has more on Judge Dierker: 90 percent approval rating from Missouri Lawyers, re-elected in November with 70 percent of votes. Still, liberals want him crucified. **************Â

 What do liberals—those self-proclaimed guardians of tolerance and free speech—do when a judge speaks the truth about the modern liberal idea of tolerance?

They call for his head on a pike, of course, but modern liberals tolerate only other modern liberals.

Missouri circuit judge Robert H. Dierker has enraged the leftists legal community in Missouri and across the country by penning a book about that exposes the hypocrisy and hatred that have become as synonymous with modern American liberalism as the swastika was with Nazism. (Judge Dierker will be a guest on “The O’Reilly Factor” tonight on Fox News.

In The Tyranny of Tolerance (order it today), Judge Dierker describes how liberal power-lust has corrupted the American judicial system, and why we must take it back. From the publisher:

Citing not only Judge Dierker’s own experiences but dozens of other recent court cases, The Tyranny of Tolerance shows how the courts enable left-wing activists to ram their dangerous agenda down the throats of the American people. Consider: • Why do the courts claim the power to tax us? • Why is a Christian fired when he voices opposition to his employer’s favoring homosexuals? • Why are airline pilots sued and sent to “diversity training” for recommending that suspicious-looking people of Middle Eastern appearance be kept off planes? • Why does a judge who defends a monument to the Ten Commandments in a courthouse lose his job? • Why are speech codes imposed on employers, university students, lawyers (and judges!), while “artistic” indecency is protected from even the mildest regulation? • Why are peaceful abortion protesters thrown in jail, their right to free speech crushed? • Why are white and Asian students denied admission to colleges and universities in the name of “diversity”? • Why is an enemy fighter captured in Afghanistan granted access to U.S. federal courts, overturning judicial precedent safeguarding the president’s wartime powers—to say nothing of common sense?With this passionate insider’s account, Judge Dierker reminds Americans what’s at stake in the battle for the courts: the Constitution, the success of the war on terrorism, the freedom to worship God, the ability to keep our families safe, the institution of marriage, and much more. Â

But in St. Louis, the leftists are calling for the injustice, as usual. They want Dierker removed from the bench. Â In a hysterical, shrill article in the St. Louis Post-Disgrace, reporter Robert Patrick editorializes: Â


A liberal-bashing book by a veteran St. Louis judge is to become available publicly this week, but it is already causing a stir in political and legal circles — and prompting some to say it could cost him his job.

The story details some of the hate-mongering from the left, particularly from a University City politician, and what Judge Dierker might call “femifascist,” Joan Bray.

State Sen. Joan Bray, D-University City, filed a complaint with the commission last month, citing her concerns with the first chapter. Bray said, “I’m still worrying about women in Missouri being treated fairly in the courtroom.” She said she plans a follow-up complaint, based on conversations with lawyers and judges, that would include a complaint that Dierker was violating judicial rules by using his position to promote the book.

Chances are, Judge Dierker will lose his seat. As we all know, nothing agitates the liberal mania more thoroughly than an accurate picture of liberalism’s evil lusts. Let’s hope his book sales will sustain him until we can put him on the Supreme Court.