War, the way it ought to be

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It’s hard to understand why the United Nations in the late 1940s worked so hard to establish the Jewish state of Israel.  Sadism?  Since Israel’s declaration of independence, the UN has, more or less, condemned everything the country has done.  Were Israel to play by the United Nations’ rules, the world’s only Jewish state would have ceased to exist several decades ago.

Still, it persists.  They persist, I should say.  The government, the land, does not persist.  The people do.  And God bless them for their tenacity.

One of the reasons for Israel’s persistence is its understanding of the UN’s role in the world, which is to strive to make every person in the world as poor, as sick, as ignorant, and as vengeful as the most pitiably enraged true victim of life on earth.  In other words, being unable to raise all people to, say, American or Israeli levels of comfort, the UN seeks to destroy our well earned ways of life.

As I said, Israel gets this.

Because they get it, they ignore it.  The only time the UN destroys a country is when the country lets the UN help.  Israel justifiably tells Kofi Annan and his band of merry grifter to pack sand (pardon the pun).  When the UN offers help, Israel helps herself.

In the current conflict, Israel finds herself strategically surrounded by Syria, Iran, and the United Nations, and an objective observer from another planet would likely agree.  That’s why Israel can cut off Beirut with bombs, then boldly tell the critical world to kiss its kosher ass:

“Syria is determined to continue rearming Hezbollah and supply it with weaponry used to attack Israel,” said an IDF statement. “The IDF is determined to stop this flow of arms to Hezbollah. The attacks on the bridge last night, which connect Syria and Lebanon, were to this end.” (cnn)

Taking its cue from the UN’s refusal to admonish Syria for supplying arms to terrorists, Iran admitted–even bragged about–supplying the Hezbollah with deadly missiles:

Iran admitted for the first time on Friday that it did indeed supply long-range Zelzal-2 missiles to Hizbullah.

Secretary-general of the “Intifada conference” Mohtashami Pur told an Iranian newspaper that Iran transferred the missiles so that they could be used to defend Lebanon, Channel 1 reported. (Jerusalem Post, via Jihad Watch)

Israel responds to all this by turning Beirut into a dessert isle.  Having cut off every major land route into the city, the Hezbos taking refuge there are sitting ducks.  I, for one, hope the IDF picks them off as such.

The leftist response to Israel’s self-defense is predictably anti-Israeli.  (We could just say, “anti-Jew.”)  The CNN story quoted above provides two paragraphs briefly explaining the bombings and next 12 inciting anti-Jewish hatred.  CNN describes Lebanon misery and Israeli culpability.  CNN is clearly chock-full of Jew haters.

What we are seeing from Israel, and what we should learn, is how to fight a war in the present day.  The international institutions we helped build after WWII were either corrupt from the beginning, as with the United Nations, or have become ineffectual, as with NATO.  World opinion matters only if it can affect internal matters.  The world has so scorned at hated Israel that her people know better than to try to appease it.  As a result, those institutions and dynamics that Western leftists rely upon to control Israel and nations like her are powerless:  they shot their wad.

The present American administration can learn from Israel’s example.