Why Did I Read the News Today?

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Gateway Pundit, quickly becoming the best political blog on the net, reports some very bad news for the Jack Murtha defense squad:  Murtha is a liar, according to the United States Marine Corps.

I had class, tonight, after an arduous day at work.  I had every intention of going to bed early.  I just wanted to check the news of the day.  I was too busy even to listen to the radio news.

 I saw the story on CNN.com that I’d read briefly about on Michelle Malkin’s blog last night.  A Marine staff seargent is suing pro-terrorist Congressman Jack Murtha for libel.  (Jack Murtha could have served his country better by succumbing to wounds on the battlefield in Vietnam.)

Murtha said on CNN May 19: “There was an IED attack, it killed one Marine, and then they overreacted and killed a number of civilians without anybody firing at them.”

That’s just one, tiny, rather innocuous example of Murtha’s two year record of slamming American troops.  But that ugly old sonofabitch had the shrivled balls to release a statement defending himself.

In a response to the lawsuit, Murtha said in a written statement “I don’t blame the staff sergeant for lashing out. When I spoke up about Haditha, my intention was to draw attention to the horrendous pressure put on our troops in Iraq and to the cover-up of the incident.”

My ass, you stupid bastard!  Do you think all of us are as stupid as the people who vote for you?   There’s a reason why the party map of U.S. counties is 90% red.

But there’s more.  Thanks to PartisanTimes.com, we have this brilliant Murtha quote:

When the taxi comes up, there’s four or five people in it. And they shoot; shoot those four or five people, unarmed. And then they go on a rampage throughout the houses and kill people. One woman . . . was bending over a child pleading for mercy and they shot her in cold blood. . . .  And then in addition to that . . . there has to have been a cover-up of this thing.

I hope this Marine wins his suit and wins it big.  It’s too bad Murtha’s thousands of libelous lies from the House floor can’t be used against him.  I guess Murtha wants to make sure that today’s military veterans get the same shabby treatment his generation received.  Too bad a man his age hasn’t grown up.  And worse, a man of his petulant immaturity gets elected to the House of Representatives.

Now, go read “Semper I” on Old War Dogs.  It’s the best commentary I’ve seen on this story.