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Paul Mirecki’s Vanishing Credibility

If Paul Mirecki, the KU Professor who wanted to teach a class that presented Intelligent Design (and anything else vaguely religious) as myth, then withdrew the class when his bigotry against religion came to public attention, then claimed he was beaten by two white men in a pick-up truck over his religious views, has lost another round in his PR battle.

(Hat Tip Michelle Malkin)

Today, KU officials released a statement (thanks to Lawrence Journal-World) that included:

Professor Mirecki resigned as chair at the recommendation of his own peers — his departmental faculty. Professor Mirecki’s course on intelligent design was canceled at his own request. While the university strongly supported both of these actions, the university continues to believe the course has merit and should be taught in the future.

In other words, Mirecki’s boss is calling him a liar.

Mirecki will probably not be fired. And he’s too thick-skulled to resign. I expect he’ll linger on at KU for years, teaching Comparative Religion 101 to inept freshmen taking the class only to get the humanities credit or out of curiosity of the class’s professor who, they recall, had something to do with some scandal back in naught and five.

So much potential wasted.

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