I Have Nothing to Say

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“We knew,” you’re thinking.

Well, I didn’t. Not until tonight. I just read through half a dozen blogs, scanned or read 20 articles on MyWay.com news, and checked out all of the major network news websites.

I considered writing about the silliness coming from Tookie Williams supporters. None of the stories I read quoted anyone who is unswervingly pro-life. No, the stories quoted people who think murderers are cool, but state laws that punish murderers with a taste of their own medicine are evil. Makes you wonder what these people do for hobbies.

But I don’t want to write about that.

I thought about blogging on the Catholic heresy trial that took place in Los Angeles today. A now former priest was found guilty of heresy and excommunicated. Had I written about this, I’d have pointed that the AP writer made a theological error by claiming the defrocked priest now belongs to a church that considers itself Catholic but “holds more liberal views than the Vatican on divorce, birth control and homosexuality.” In fact, the Catholic church’s views on anything are neither liberal nor conservative. The church holds forth the true Word of God which man is free to accept or reject. This priest rejected it and has been excommunicated.

But I don’t want to write about that.

Of course, the Iraqi elections crossed my mind. How could they not. A country in which 70% of the people appreciate their freedom and are participating in their most important election to date–a final vindication of the war–is a monumental historical event. The liberals, who are mostly anti-American, are up in arms, so to speak, over the success of the war in Iraq. They are scared to death Americans will perceive as signs of victory Saturday’s election and subsequent American troop reductions. Well, Americans will, and Americans will be right. Liberals will be wrong, they’ll react irrationally and sometimes illegally in their typical hissy-fit when things don’t their way.

But I sure don’t feel like writing about that.

My apologies. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have something to write about.